Friday, June 13, 2008

Resolve Windows Error Code 5 / 6 / 20 / 71

Error 5 (Invalid Procedure Call.)

1. Reinstall all Dialup and Network components.

Error 5 (Access Denied.)

1. Make sure the username and password are correct, with nothing in the "domain" field for NT/2k unless the user should have something there.

2. Make sure "accept any authentication including clear text" is dotted.

Error 6 (Stack overflow.)

1. This is a memory issue, try rebooting the computer. A cold boot might be good in this instance.

2. If a reboot doesn't resolve it, this could be a RAM or Swap file issue.

Error 20 (The system cannot find the device specified.)

1. Make sure the correct modem is selected.

2. Does the modem respond to diagnostics? It may need to be reinstalled.

3. Is RNAAPP loaded into memory after closing the dialer? If so try the RNAAPP fix.

4. Reinstall NCP/DUN/RAS.

Error 71 (No more connections allowed.)

1. Is someone connected as you? Been giving out your password?

2. Were you disconnected all of a sudden before this happens? You could be 'ghosted' on the server. The ISP can usually "bump" the 'ghost' off through radius.

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